Physical recruitment

We have appointed ex-service man who is giving basic training to security Personnel for 10 days-to maintain discipline inside the premise and know how to salute, savdhan and vishram positions etc. We provide training in INDUSTRIAL PROTECTION SECURITY, fire fighting, safety etc.

Shifting of materials:

while shifting of materials from 1 department to other department security guard has to see that the boxes are sealed and no boxes are tampered.

Monitoring room:

Security officer will monitor the unit round the clock to avoid any incidents.

Inward/Outward Register:

Security guard should see that no materials should go out without proper gate pass or Chillan. While maintain inward material register Security guard should check the quantity as per mentioned in the ChillaN .

Returnable Material :

Security guard should maintain separate register for returnable material and insure that the material gone out has come back inside the unit.

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