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Are you organizing an event that will attract a lot of people? Or will you be playing host to influential politicians, business tycoon, celebrities, or similarly important individuals? Keep in mind that the security of the event that you are organizing is your responsibility. You will never want to have something untoward happen to your guests while you are playing host! We make sure that you have an event that is free of any security threats. Call Skywave Security today, and make sure that your event is well protected and fully secure!

Event security by Skywave

From high scale music shows and sports events, to private parties that see the influx of high net worth individuals and acclaimed celebrities, Skywave Security has the expertise and the experience to ensure complete security for every kind of event. Our security personnel have worked with small and intimate gathering of business tycoons, coordinated security for diplomats when they visit the country, and secure the stadium when famous musicians are performing. No matter what the scale of your event is, Skywave Security will offer you the best security strategy and service for it.

• Professional threat assessment services
• Complete security, including close protection and video surveillance
• Efficient and rapid evacuation procedures designed well in advance of the even

Skywave Security employs highly trained individuals to ensure the safety of you and your guests. From specially trained entry supervisors, to a highly qualified pit team, Skywave Security provider in Ahmedabad offers it all. Benefit from our highly efficient security experts who monitor your event through close circuit cameras and coordinate with the ground team to take charge of any situation where they are needed. Our security professional team includes:

•Safety ushers
•Entry/exit supervisors
•Pit team
•CCTV observing team
•Control team
•Special team for VIP guests
•Traffic management teams

Skywave Security takes care of every aspect of event security, and ensures that there is never a bottleneck in the event that could potentially lead to overcrowding and skirmishes. We provide traffic management crews that help avoid traffic jams when guests are arriving at or leaving the venue. We have covered hotel banquet rooms, large guest houses and entire stadiums for our clients, and have the team, the resources, and the acumen to offer your event the security it deserves. Get in touch with Skywave Security today to discuss the complete security assessment for your event, and find out how we can make it safer.

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