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SiS Security provides services for building and premise security to the government for various events and locations. Even with the police, and the various reserve units at its disposal, the government cannot always ensure proper security for all its facilities and public venues. Guarding the building may not be the best use of time for trained government professionals, so SiS Security steps in and takes over these protection duties, leaving the government with the resources to deploy their official workforce elsewhere.

Customisable services catered to your needs

The government Security Guard Services that SiS offers can be for short term engagements as well as long term arrangements. From providing world class security to important government buildings, to setting up highly complex security networks for sensitive areas, the government often requires the experience and expertise of private consultants, and SiS Security has extensive experience with such projects.

SiS Security employs former law enforcement and ex-army personnel with spotless career records and ensures that the security we offer to our clients is of the highest standards. Extensive background checks, as well as psyche profiles, are created by the assessment experts at SiS Security Serivce to ensure that our professionals are in peak mental and physical health and that they can discharge their duties properly. They are also provided extensive training to ensure they can properly handle the latest weaponry, and are intimately familiar with the latest security maneuvers and technologies.

The Security Guard Services offered by SiS Security are available for limited time government events as well. When the official security runs short, or an extra perimeter of security needs to be created between the high-value government officials and the general public, then SiS Security experts are brought in for the job.

Technological asSiStance services by SiS Security

SiS Security also provides special services that involve the setting up of surveillance units, monitoring stations, data collection center’s, and security installations. A complete range of services offered by SiS Security has been designed to ensure that the government can get the best possible service when they need it.

For access to trained and experienced professionals who will ensure the best services at all times, SiS Security is the ultimate Security Service provider. We are a leading contractor for private security in India and have the resources as well as the acumen to ensure top notch and all round security for any location and under any kind of conditions.

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