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Security guards are now required everywhere, whether it is a bungalow, bank, ATMs, hospitals, corporate offices and government facilities. The presence of security guards is necessary in such places because, these places can be targeted by robbers and other anti-social elements with malicious intentions. To safeguard such places, guards have to be present and depending on the sensitivity of the place, unarmed or armed guards may be there. When security guards are sought for places where cash transactions take place, they need to be armed and physically fit so that they can tackle any kind of untoward situation. For lesser sensitive places like colleges, the security guards are un-armed. Likewise, there are different requirement of security guards at different places. There are many places where the security guard has to list down the entry and exit of the visitor and, therefore, the guard has to be literate if not educated.

• SiS security is very particular about the selection procedure of the guards and ensures that only those people are recruited who are physically and mentally fit.
• A thorough background check is carried out to ensure that there are no criminal cases on any recruited individual.
• The minimum criteria of education are also set for the position of the security guard.

Quality Security guards from SiS Security Guard Services

The SiS Security Service is known for the quality of the security guards it provides to the client. Our selection process for shortlisting the guards is tough, and we choose only the best. We take into consideration a lot of factors before recruiting any guard. We check whether the person is both physically and mentally fit. After the recruitment, we train the personnel for the job. Depending on the requirement of the clients, we can offer them unarmed watchmen or armed and skilled guards who have the ability to combat. Such guards are stationed at sensitive places that need to be guarded heavily. We provide 24*7 Security Guard Services and when you need guards for round the clock service we can provide you with such services.

• Security guard services from SiS security are highly reliable, flexible and affordable.
• Clients' requirement is paramount and given utmost importance and attention.
• The quality of security guards is never compromised.
• Extensive training is imparted to all the security staff in our employ which includes duties, focus as well as continuous training

SiS Security Guard Services are at your disposal for every security need of yours. Security guards are always available with us for securing premises or individuals.

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